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Do you want to create massive volume of organic traffic? Content created in high quality and in large volume can help you achieve your goal. So what should you do to create the right type of content to drive large volume of traffic? Here are 3 tips to help you achieve this goal.

1. Planning

You should have a good plan to be able to create large volume of high-conversion content. Develop your plan using the following tips:

  • Identify your strategic goals
  • Determine the best ways to achieve your goals
  • Plan and schedule the development of content for at least 6 months

When you create a plan, you are not only able to look into the future content development strategy, you are also able to explore opportunities to connect back to earlier content. In fact, you can also use a proven project management system to schedule your content.

A project management system helps increase your content planning effectiveness. It is also a great strategy if you work as part of a team.

2. Break Content Production into Stages

When you create content, break the process into three fixed stages.

  1. Outline: When you start by creating an outline, it helps in transforming the rough concept into a structured document that can be organised even before you start writing. Your thoughts are more directed and there is lesser risk of wasting time and energy on non-productive aspects. A simple strategy is to create subheadings using ideas that come to your mind.
  2. Produce Content: Once you have the subheadings, start writing (without any kind of editing).  Ignore all the errors and focus solely on the writing aspect and creativity. Write the introduction and conclusion at the end of the content production phase.
  3. Edit Content: Once you have created the content, it is time to edit it.

3. Create Irresistible Headlines

The right headline can have a magical effect on your content. In fact, even the highest quality content is likely to go unnoticed without great headline. Brainstorming is a good strategy to come up with a compelling headline. Write at least half a dozen headlines before choosing the one that can generate the most traffic.

While you follow these strategies, it is important to follow the best on-page SEO practices. Address all the aspects of meta descriptions, image alt text and other on-page SEO strategies. Follow the above-mentioned tips to create content that can give a big boost to your organic traffic.

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