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3 Halloween Themed Marketing Tips to Boost Engagement

By October 7, 2016 No Comments

Halloween is just around the corner and the whole environment is about to get spooky. There’ll be scrumptious foods, parties, and lots of shopping. It is not only a fun time for kids and their parents, there’s excellent business opportunity for brand too. Here are 5 online marketing strategies to help you remain on top of your target audiences’ mind during Halloween.

1. Focus on User-generated Content

Ask your target audience about their Halloween plans. This can get them talking and even get your brand involved along the way. They can contribute anything including:

  • Pictures of their costumes.
  • Photos of jack-o-lanterns created by them.
  • Photos of Halloween decorations.

You can add the content in your blog or share on your company’s social media page and get them involved.

It’s not essential for your products to do anything with the event. Halloween’s for everyone to celebrate and your goal should be to get your target audience involved and boost the engagement. Studies show that publishing user-generated content on Halloween on social networks can help boost traffic by at least 3 times.

2. Spooky Social Media Branding

Go beyond user-generated content and create a Halloween atmosphere around your social media presence. Be creative, evocative and playful with how you integrate the Halloween theme with your brand. You can also include the effect in your emails. There’s no need to go overboard. You can use some of these simple tips:

  • Change the colour theme for your social media accounts.
  • Choose a spooky image for background.
  • Add Halloween jokes to your newsletters.

3. Special Halloween Treats

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to bewitch your social media followers and target audience with special treats. Surveys show that around 1 of 4 respondents took the desired steps on Facebook to avail a one-time offer. Make sure to engage these prospects once they have availed your offers.

You can also map your products to the Halloween theme. Your email and social media campaigns can showcase ways your products can be used in Halloween. Even if your products are not related to the event, you could simply mention it within your newsletter. All you have to do is connect your products or services to the holiday.

There’s so much you can do to increase engagement and drive more leads during Halloween. Visit for more information and to tailor your current campaigns around Halloween.