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3 Reasons You Cannot Ignore Bing Ads

By December 8, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Bing is mostly seen as the secondary choice for advertising campaigns. Its true value is underestimated by many marketers, despite the fact that this ad platform has unique audience. There are many marketers who achieved great success with their paid search campaigns on Bing. In some cases the results even surpassed those from other platforms.

Here are 3 reasons you cannot ignore Bing Ads.

1. Expanded Device Targeting

Bing recently launched Expanded Device Targeting, allowing you to make adjustments to your bids across different devices. The range for bid adjustments was also expanded as following:

  • Smartphones: -100% – 900%
  • Tablets: -100% – 900%
  • Desktop: 0% – 900%

Other targeting criteria in Bing can also be combined with device-based bid adjustments. This includes:

  • Age & gender
  • Time of day or day of week
  • Geographic location
  • Device type

You can target at the ad group or campaign level.

2. Expanded ad text

Bing recently followed Google in releasing expanded text ad. You can now implement these ads within your campaigns. Expanded ads work across all types of devices. You can create more effective ad copy with powerful CTA to boost your conversions.

3. Unique Targeting Options

Bing also supports unique targeting options that you cannot find in almost any other ad platform. This includes:

  • Manage Search Partners: You can determine, based on data, whether you want to advertise on specific Search Partner or not. You can view the performance of each Search Partner from within the Bing Ads Website URL report. The report can also be run at the campaign or account level. This unique feature allows you to exclude your ads from going on Search Partners with poor performance. So you will be able to maintain the quality of your traffic.
  • Granular Settings Control: If you consolidate similar ads groups within campaigns and the performance varies between groups, you could make changes in Bing Ads. There is no need to be stuck with it.
  • Image Extensions: With Bing Ads, you can add a maximum of 6 images into your text ads. So you can show off your products with more effectiveness.

Recently, Bing ads also introduced Shared Budgets. You can thus run several campaigns under one budget. Do you need help with your AdWords campaign? It is recommended to visit https://thesearchmarketingshop.com/sem/google-adwords-management/ for more information and to get help from Bing and Google AdWords experts.