3 Rules to Social Media Marketing Success

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3 Rules to Social Media Marketing Success 1

If you run a social media campaign, it is essential your measure the results. The latest industry reports show that only 4 out of 10 businesses using social media have been measuring the success of their activities. The percentage of such businesses has been increasing at a steady rate. It was 37% last year and 26% in 2013. At the same time, 87% of them said yes for increasing their investment on social media promotion. It has been noted that most businesses that continue to use social media marketing don’t have any idea of the results it is offering.

If you want to succeed with social media marketing, make sure to follow these 3 rules.

1. Precision Targeting

If you want to succeed with social media promotion and generate optimal ROI, it is crucial you target your audience, rather than reaching out to everyone.

  • When writing your business in your profile, tell your prospects why they should connect with your brand. Tell them about your USP. Show them how your products are going to benefit them.
  • Give them your website or a landing page URL where you can show them how they can get more value. A landing page can have a video, some download or a report. You may also send your visitors to your blog or some other page that offers high amount of value.

2. Don’t Start Selling from the First Contact

People are most likely not going to buy from you the very first time a conversation kick starts. Keep in mind people are more likely to listen to their friends than any company or brand. So your goal should be to become their ‘friend.’ Spend some time building a relationship with your followers rather than going for the sales pitch on the initial contacts.

When promoting on Facebook, create a sales funnel using the following tips:

  • Create newsfeed ads with links to your blog (make sure not to include an opt-in at this stage)
  • Ask to get a ‘like’
  • Send them to a page asking for an opt-in, which will further send them through the sales funnel

The monetisation phase will come later.

This has been found to be the most effective sales funnel, without concern what type or size of business you have.

3. Always Measure

Whether you are promoting on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, all types of social media marketing can be measured. So don’t just stop at running your campaigns and forget about the measurement part. In other words, don’t be among the 40% of businesses that don’t think it is necessary to measure their social campaigns.

If you are reaching your target audience in Facebook, the social network has recently upgraded its metrics. You can now get access to in-depth data about your campaigns.

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