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3 Strategies to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

By November 22, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Social media continues to grow in terms of importance in the digital marketing domain. Its signature in search engines has increased and social media optimisation has become an integral part of SEO. The holiday season is here and everyone is preparing for the New Year. Every business owner and marketer would want to ensure that they the most effective strategies in social media marketing. Here are the most important social media strategies and tips you should be following.

1. Identify Your Networks & Optimise

There are different types of social networks, each catering to more-or-less similar types of demographics (Facebook and Twitter being some exceptions). This means you can identify certain social channels ideal to send your message clearly to your target audience.

Analyse your current social channels and reach your target audience where they spend more of their time. The importance of niche social networks, such as LinkedIn, is growing fast. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and many other networks have something common between their users.

2. Develop Content Strategy for Social Media

Content is important not only in SEO, but also in social media promotion. In fact, the social media content strategy impacts your SEO efforts too. Develop a strategy for your business’ social content and post regularly. Make sure the content is interesting, engaging and valuable to your audience.

Most importantly, create a social content calendar similar to your blog-posts calendar.

Use the following tips to make your social content more engaging:

  • Daily Themes: When you create themes for each day of the week, it will become easier to create your social content. This will also add consistency to your brand. Find out which theme gets the most engagement and improve it.
  • Celebrate Holidays: Add some fun to the way you celebrate holidays. Also include hashtags for holidays. For example, the “Name yourself Day” can help engage your audience. You can include a simple call to action to get them to do something.
  • Ask Engaging Questions: This can help you get people’s opinions. Make sure to include an image to draw more attention.
  • Fill in the Blank: Fun fill-in-the-blanks can further get more response, helping you learn more about them.
  • Caption-this Photo: Post photos and ask your audience to give a caption to them. You can offer freebies for the best action.
  • Third-party Resources: Your social media content shouldn’t just be about your brand. Relevant third-party resources should be posted on a regular basis, as this will help add more value to your brand.

You can also promote local events, which can help add to your local SEO too.

3. Integrate Email & Social Campaigns

Just like SEO, email integration will also help boost your ROI from social media campaigns. It can help you drive some major benefits for your business.

Make sure there is consistency between your messaging for social and email. This means people should see similar content and message in their inbox and your social media pages. When you send out an email message to them and reach your social pages, they should see the same message. This increases credibility and helps improve conversion. There are paid social campaigns for email lists that can help you target your audience more effectively.

So follow these key social media strategies and tips and you can boost your overall digital imprint. If you need more information or help in developing and running a better social media marketing campaign, visit https://thesearchmarketingshop.com/social/page-management/ for more details.