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3 Strategies that Could be Doing Harm to your SEO

By February 21, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

3 Strategies that Could be Doing Harm to your SEO 1

SEO strategies may have changed in the last year but the importance of this online marketing strategy hasn’t declined much. But many webmasters continue to rely on SEO tactics which are doing more harm to their strategy than any good.

Stop Posting Irrelevant Content

You are constantly updating your content to ensure that your site ranks higher. But you don’t want to be posting irrelevant content on your web pages or blogs. If you are not doing so, probably your SEO may be doing to. If your content is not seen as relevant to your market niche, you are simply losing value in the eyes of search engines. Even when it is well known that relevancy is integral to effective SEO, there are many who continue to churn more words without sense for niche relevance.

Create content that is both related and informative. If you can create something which is entertaining and grasping, you will be doing even better. But just filling it up with words will not do the job. It will rather push you down the search rankings.

Stop Buying Links

There are still hundreds of websites that offer packages for buying links. Stay away from them because if you do buy links, you are causing damage to your search rankings. Link building was once central to SEO. It is still relevant but Google is going to penalise you if the links are irrelevant and don’t carry any value. Today, link building is about earning links. When Google sees that you have too many links linking back, it is most likely to de-index your site.

Ignoring Usability

Google is serious about delivering high quality user experience. Therefore, if you are ignoring usability and creating websites which are difficult to browse through, you are giving Google a good reason to lower your rankings. Your pages should be convenient and useful for your target audience. The longer your visitors remain on your site, the more positive signals go to Google. The more they click back to the search results, the more Google will see your site as less user-friendly.

Keep these points in mind when implementing your SEO campaign. Make sure not to make these mistakes else you could see your search rankings falling dramatically.

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