4 Advertising Tips for Holiday Season Promotions - The Search Marketing Shop

The holiday shopping season is right around the corner and it is time for businesses to drive more traffic and boost their revenues. This is the right time to start planning your holiday advertising. Here are 4 advertising tips you would want to follow for the coming holiday season.

1. Make the Most of Ad Extensions

Using ad extensions can help your searchers find the right information they are looking for. It allows you to incorporate your targeted messages for the holiday season.

Some of the tips for ad extensions include:

  • Including sitelink extensions for your holiday-focused webpages.
  • Including visual sitelinks (images will help in grabbing more eyeballs for the ads).
  • Callout extensions can be used for highlighting delivery through the season.
  • Use promotion extensions to improve the conversion rates. Using promo codes can also make it easier to track ads.

2. Label your Important Holiday Products

Next, make sure that all your holiday-focused products are labelled. Use quick filters and it will make things simpler. It is also going to help create a broader Christmas focus. There will be no more distraction due to other details in the account such as generic categories.

3. Optimise Shopping Campaigns

Another thing you should do is to focus on your shopping campaigns. It is highly recommended to add Merchant Promotions. Use the ‘special offer’ link to make your ads more unique. Remember, when the shopping season appears your target audience is looking for more deals.

Using special deal offers in shopping ads with merchant promotions offers some of the best conversion rates. At the same time it also helps in reducing CPA.

4. Retarget Your Visitors

You should use retargeting at all times, but its importance increases even more during the holiday season. Make the most of Google Analytics custom audiences. It can be connected to data in analytics such as time spent on website and visitor behaviours.

Smart Lists are also excellent remarketing lists created by Google based on conversion data. Google will consider multiple signals including type of device, location, and browser to determine the conversion-likeliness of a visitor. So you will get a list of users who are highly likely to convert and you could run your remarketing campaigns to reach them. It is also recommended to use Dynamic Remarketing.

So consider these 4 holiday advertising plans. You can also get help from experienced advertising professionals to boost your holiday marketing. Visit https://thesearchmarketingshop.com/sem/google-shopping-listings/ for more information on Shopping Campaigns and other marketing strategies.