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4 Common Reasons You Are Seeing Fluctuations in Search Traffic

By July 19, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

If you notice big changes in your search rankings and organic traffic, it means that there are many underlying problems with your SEO strategy. But how can you know what these issues are and how to address them?

Here are the 4 common issues that cause fluctuations in search traffic.

1. You Have Un-indexed Web Pages

A simple search in Google for your website will show you all your web pages which are indexed. You can easily notice pages which are absent in your SERPs. It is possible that the pages may be blocked. You may also have to check each page if they have a noindex tag.

2. URL & Keyword Issues

Many businesses don’t have well defined keyword strategies. It is highly likely that you have multiple pages being optimised for same keyword. When this happens, your own pages become competitors for each other. This significantly affects their rankings.

Use a keyword tracking tool and check the URLs ranked by Google for each keyword. You can fix the issue if you can spend some time doing research and categorising the keywords for different pages.

3. Your Affiliates & Resellers

Do you sell products and have affiliates? If you have been doing business for a long time, it may happen that your affiliates start outranking you for your keywords.

This happens rarely, but it can be a problem for your search rankings and organic traffic. But this doesn’t have to affect your revenues necessarily.

4. Recent Changes

Recent changes to your pages or site can also affect your organic traffic. This may be due to any number of reasons including:

  • Changes to a page’s copy
  • Changing navigation
  • Removing or adding certain pages
  • Migrating your site

Google and other search engines need time to re-index pages. So it is reasonable to experience drop in your web traffic.

Fluctuations in traffic don’t just mean losing visitors. It can also mean increase in traffic. If you exclude the known bots in Google Analytics, it can cause significant increase in the traffic stats. They may seem to work just like real users, and give you a false impression of your site’s search performance. On the other hand turning on the generic bot filter may cause a dip in search traffic.

Dealing with all these factors can be quite complicated for you. So it will be best to get the help of an SEO professional. Visit https://thesearchmarketingshop.com/search-engine-optimisation/ for more information and help from industry-leading SEO specialists.