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4 Key Advantages of Website Audit

By April 14, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Your website is central to your business’s online marketing and communication needs. Even those who have offline presence and sell through their stores, now realise the importance of their websites in their overall brand promotion and image building. Websites tell your potential customers about your business and products and how you can provide a solution to their problems. Your website remains open even when your store or business is closed. With Google and other search engines always upgrading their search algorithms and other new online changes coming all the time, it is important your website is regularly audited and improved.

There are many reasons for regular website audit and some of the most important benefits are as following.

1. Identify Problem Areas in Content

Content audit is one of the most important parts of website audit. You will be able to identify aspects that could be causing problems. When you identify and fix the problems, it can help in boosting your site’s search value and increase its appeal to both new and returning visitors. It can involve ensuring titles are relevant to the copy and that the message is relevant, informative, useful, up-to-date and engaging.

The key aspects of content audit include:

  • Identification of areas for repurposing of content.
  • Finding and addressing gaps in content.
  • Evaluating quality of content.
  • Improving the structure of information.

2. Improved SEO

The rules of search engine optimisation keep changing every year, as Google updates its algorithm. The SEO concepts that were implemented when your website was designed around will most likely be not relevant today. So a proper website audit will also focus on optimising your website based on the latest SEO best-practices.

User experience (UX) is at the core of modern SEO. If your visitors are not having high-quality experience on your site, your bounce rate will increase and repeat visitors will fall. This data can drastically affect your search engine rankings. Proper website audit will evaluate your SEO and overall UX to keep both your users and Google ‘happier’ on your webpages. This can include:

  • Cataloguing different tags
  • Optimising word counts in the copies on all the webpages
  • Optimising images

A website audit will help identify the places where your website’s SEO needs improvements or changes.

3. Identifying & Setting Online Marketing Priorities

An audit can also help you identify the best areas for improving your leads and sales. It is mostly a preparation for SEO, but many times SEO has to wait because many other aspects are not addressed. Your site may not be mobile-friendly. The professionals conducting the website audit will make recommendations about the online marketing priorities that need to be focused on. As you move on addressing one aspect after another, your website can start generating increasing volume of traffic, leads and sales.

4. Identifying any Google Penalties

Most website owners never know that their website has been penalised by Google. When a professional website audit is conducted it can help identify any cases of penalties. You can then plan the required changes while also addressing this problem.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo are always making changes to their search algorithms. Besides, new web technologies are being regularly added which carry some weight from the perspective of online marketing. Website audit can help in identifying where your site is lacking so that you can boost your rankings and keep it up-to-date with the latest changes. Thus, there are many advantages of performing website audit once in a while.

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