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4 Latest SEO Tips to Boost Your Search Rankings

By September 15, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The rules of SEO keep changing because search engines keep updating their algorithms on a regular basis. In fact, the updates are released every few months, not just every year. This means that your search rankings can get affected every now and then. The key to succeeding with SEO is to keep up-to-date with the latest updates and making appropriate changes to your websites, blogs, and other online assets. It is recommended to follow these tips to adhere to the latest search engine optimisation guidelines.

1. Avoid Duplicate Content Creation

Avoid duplicate content on different webpages, domains, and subdomains. Whatever your intent, it is recommended to avoid this if you want to boost your search engine rankings. Sometimes, webmasters do so to improve user-experience (UX).  But many times, Google and other search engines can take it as a trick to manipulate the rankings.

2. Use Well-Researched Keywords Sparingly

Keyword optimisation has changed significantly within SEO and you cannot overdo it any longer. Keywords are still important, but they should be used sparingly. It is important to organise your content thematically. Keywords are still important to search engine crawlers, providing them info about topics and the type of content on a page.

Make sure that the content and keywords are relevant to each other. The focus is entirely on delivering a great UX. So make sure that your content has a natural flow for your target audience. There is no longer any fixed rule on keyword density to help a page rank high.

3. Follow Ethical Affiliate Marketing Tips

Avoid creation of doorway pages that are optimised for specific keywords. You can no longer manipulate search engines and end users. UX is at the heart of SEO and any kind of manipulation can mean getting penalised or losing your rankings. There is nothing wrong in being an affiliate marketer, but make sure that your website delivers value. You should create relevant and unique content that provides your target audience reasons to visit your website.

4. Create Long-Form Content

According to several studies, longer content is more likely to rank higher in SERPs compared to shorter content. This means that you shouldn’t just add more content to all your blog posts. There will be posts that are already doing great and others that need to be improved. Find such posts and add more valuable information to them. For example, you can find posts and pages that rank below position 11 on search engines. These are the pages that need to be improved by adding more content.

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