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4 Local SEO Strategies Every Business Should Use

By November 1, 2016 No Comments

Local business accounts for a significant percentage of your total revenue. It is important for your business to be found in local searches to give a major boost to your business. Surveys show that local searches help lead almost 50% of mobile users to visit businesses within 24 hours. Whether you are eying the festive season or not, local SEO is crucial for any business.

Here are 4 local SEO strategies every business with local customers should implement.

1. Enrich Company Profile with Maximum Information

Follow these tips to ensure that your company profile has all the required info:

  • Provide your business name accurately without doing anything creative.
  • Provide your local address without the P.O. Box.
  • Make sure to provide the phone number(s) with the local area code.
  • Make sure a relevant photo is added for your business.
  • The description should be targeted at human readers and can be creative.
  • List your primary services. They can help with ranking.
  • Don’t forget the working hours and even the payment details.

It is important that all this info is within Google’s guidelines.

2. Improve Visibility on Third Party Sites

There are sites that allow local listings. Focus on the more important ones like Yellow Pages, Yelp and Bing. These sites are quite popular and help in directing more local searchers to your company site (or phone).

Make sure your profile information on these sites has accurate, up-to-date and consistent information about your company. Also ask your customers to leave you a review.

You can even provide your info on travel sites like Expedia and Trip Advisor. This can further help in associating your company/brand name with your city.

3. Make the Most of Social Media

Social signals also play an important role in local search rankings. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing get a social signal whenever someone likes or shares your posts. It will also help in improving your brand’s credibility on third party sites where you are listed. You should also interact with your local followers on a regular basis.

Use the following strategies to improve your local social signals:

  • Sponsor your local teams.
  • Advertise events in your city.
  • Offer special discounts to the local customers.

Make sure all this is shared on your social media accounts.

4. Create Geo-targeted Posts & Landing Pages

Many businesses have multiple locations and they have to rank for these different towns and cities. An effective strategy will be to create multiple landing pages targeted at these different locations. The content on these pages should be unique to the local areas. They should essentially target the following location-focused terms:

  • City name
  • Postcodes
  • Neighbourhoods

This info should be included within the human-focused content and the page title and Meta description too.

Make sure that all your pages have unique content. Else they will lose their purpose.

Creating local landing pages and unique content is one strategy that can make you stand out from the competitors. This will help boost your local SEO at a much higher level.

So follow these 4 key local SEO tips and boost your local search rankings.

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