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4 Online Marketing Tips for Christmas

By December 12, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

The holiday season is when businesses are going to generate a significant percentage of their sales of the year. It is important you make the right choice of the online marketing strategies you will be using during the time. It is a short window of opportunity when you are likely to receive hundreds of thousands or even millions of clicks. It is not just important to drive traffic to your pages, but also to turn a significant percentage of them into sales.

Here are 4 online marketing tips you should follow this Christmas.

1. Focus on Retargeting

Make sure to focus your retargeting campaigns throughout the holiday season. So you should run your campaigns throughout the months of November and December. The importance of running these campaigns during these months can be judged from these stats from the last year:

  • Increase in retargeting spend in November: 97%
  • Increase in sales: 85%
  • Increase in revenues: 80%

There was also an increase of 30% on spending between October and December. Your target audience is going to continue buying gifts up to the last shipping dates, which is just before Christmas.

2. Focus on Mobile

When it comes to digital marketing in this era, you cannot ignore the importance of mobile. Mobile traffic has grown bigger than desktop traffic in many areas. There has been an increase in return on ad spend of almost 80% in November. It is recommended to run mobile retargeting campaigns throughout the holiday season to generate higher click-through rates.

3. Make Your Site Accessible

You should also invest your time and effort in SEO to make your website accessible during the holiday season. Make sure to focus on the keywords targeted on your site. They should be relevant to the Christmas season. Some of the best words you may use to optimise your webpages include:

  • Christmas gifts
  • Gift offers
  • Buy Christmas gifts online

You may use the Keyword Planner or get the help of your SEO agency in optimising your content. It is recommended to go beyond your website and optimise your social media content and blogs too.

4. Never Ignore Email Marketing

People used to check their inbox on their desktops. They continue to do so. Now they also check it on their smartphones and tablets. Whilst the importance and relevance of most other digital marketing strategies have changed over the years, the same cannot be said for email marketing. It is almost as effective as it was decades ago. So make sure to invest some of your marketing budget no email marketing this holiday season.

Focus on:

  • Higher quality calls to action
  • Headlines
  • Special offers

You can give your subscribers one-time special offers which will be exclusive. Since these subscribers have already signed-up to receive your emails, it means they are interested in what you have to offer. People love to receive special discounts around Christmas. Getting that exclusive deal in their inbox is going to significantly increase the chances of turning many of your subscribers into customers.

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