Pinterest has over 175 million monthly active users worldwide. It has grown 2 to 3 times in several European countries over the past year. It is the perfect social media platform for wedding photographers to promote their business. Pinterest is all about searching and discovering photos and makes itself highly relevant for photographers.

Here are 4 reasons why you cannot ignore this photo sharing website and app.

1. People Who Find You are Your Target Audience

What makes Pinterest unique among all the social networks is that the people who end up on your board comprise mostly of your target audience. Studies show that 93% of Pinterest users use the site to do research for buying in the future and 87% of users made a purchase due to the site. That means that as a wedding photographer you are looking at a huge potential in using this photo sharing site.

The reason is that Pinterest users are mostly in search of particular information or inspiration. So make sure that your account provides the kind of information (and photos) that your target audience needs.

2. Use Pinterest to Educate Your Audience

Pinterest is a planning tool for most brides. More brides are turning to Pinterest to plan their wedding than to any other social network. Brides are creating boards and searching for information and inspiration from other’s weddings. Brides use Facebook and Instagram mostly to connect with their friends and family, but Pinterest has an entirely different purpose – seeking information.

INTERNATIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS have an excellent opportunity in using Pinterest to educate their audience. Create a board where your potential clients can see what’s best to wear. Share videos of your photo session or studio interiors. Take your audience on a tour of your studio to let them know how a wedding photo shoot is (or even how a boudoir photo shoot is – if you are offering boudoir photo service).

3. Your Pins are Forever

When you post your photos on Pinterest, it will always be there for your audience to search and discover. This is unlike Facebook and Instagram where your content keeps getting pushed down with time. As a wedding photographer, it is important that you are specific about your boards – style genres, seasonal looks, vintage looks, venues, wedding accessories and other factors relevant to your business.

4. Pins are Connected to Your Website

You can connect your Pins to your website. So whenever someone clicks on your Pins, they will be able to land on your website to learn more about what you have to offer. Studies show that around 5% of referral web traffic originates in Pinterest.

Thus, there are many reasons why wedding photographers should be using Pinterest as part of their promotional strategy. It is a social network that is all about photos and with its search-function it provides just the right platform for promoting your business. Visit for more information.