4 SEO Tactics to Generate More Organic Traffic - The Search Marketing Shop

Just creating a website and running an SEO campaign and leaving it at it is not going to ensure success in the long term. It is important to keep updating your website to ensure that consistent organic traffic is generated. Here are 4 strategies to help you boost your website’s traffic.

1. Remove or Upgrade Low-Traffic Pages

If you have pages that generate low traffic, you should either upgrade them or remove them. Google and other search engines don’t crawl all the pages. If you want to ensure that they crawl your most important content, it will be best to get rid of low-quality pages or upgrade their quality.

So what types of pages fall into this category?

  • There can be several pages on similar topics. You can merge them together (reduce the number of pages)
  • Pages that have lost relevance to your business.
  • Pages with thin content. Embrace the new long-form content strategy.
  • Pages that target extremely low-volume keywords.

When you upgrade or remove such pages, the overall quality of your site will improve significantly.

2. Create Blog Posts of User Q&A’s

Every business will get questions from their existing and potential customers. You can include those questions and answers in your blog posts. This can help create valuable content for all kinds of customers. You will also find new ideas to create new posts. This strategy can help generate highly targeted organic traffic.

3. Increase Page Speed

This is an area where you can gain significant ground against your competition. Page speed is an important factor to SEO and most websites continue to ignore it. It is not difficult to improve page speed.

  • Switch to a high quality web hosting solution (even if it means spending a little more on your hosting plan)
  • Look for web hosts offering CDN, caching and SSL
  • Reduce the number of plugins installed on your website
  • Reduce the number and/or size of image, CSS and JavaScript files
  • Optimise the media size
  • Compress video files or upload videos to video sharing sites like YouTube and use embedding codes

4. Create High Quality Content Regularly

This is the most basic strategy to generate organic traffic on a consistent basis. Make sure to regularly create and add high quality content to your site. It can help improve user experience, boost social media shares and do a lot more benefits to your site’s SEO. Make sure to create and deliver content that is valuable to your target audience and answers their potential questions.

So follow these 4 key strategies to generate more organic traffic from your website. Do you want to boost your SEO campaigns? It is recommended to visit https://thesearchmarketingshop.com/search-engine-optimisation/ for more information and to get help from SEO experts.