Do you know that Google is going to make mobile pages the default versions of pages to be included in its search rankings? Have you developed your content keeping in mind the mobile user? Can your content be read easily on smaller screens and adapt to the peculiarities of the mobile user experience? Here are 4 tips to help you create mobile optimised content that can help you generate better traction in search engine results pages.

1. Focus on Your Target Audience’s Mobile Habits

The better you are able to understand your target audience’s mobile habits, the better equipped you will be to create the content they are going to like. In this regard, you should find answers to the following questions:

  • What percentage of your target audience uses your site on their mobile devices?
  • What devices are they using?
  • What is the content they are accessing? (Based on both format and topic)
  • What are their activities on your website?
  • What is the amount of time they spend on your website?
  • What are their other online activities (on mobile)?
  • Are they interested in visual content?

Finding answers to these questions can help you create more compelling content.

2. Create a Mix of Content Lengths

Long-form content with rich information is important to SEO. But when it comes to mobile, you will have to maintain a balance between long-form and short-form content. The focus should be on creating content that delivers lots of value within a small space.

Create an architecture for your site with short summaries. You should also use content with different lengths. So your website can highlight your blogs through short summaries and when someone clicks over them, they can be taken to the long blog posts.

Vary the content length regularly so that your audience can read both short and long pieces.

3. Create More Advanced Headlines

One of the most important rules of good copywriting is to create compelling headlines that grab your potential reader’s attention and gets them to read the content. When it comes to creating content for mobile, you will need something more than that.

  • It should clearly tell them what’s there in for them.
  • It should stir up an emotional response.
  • It should have proof elements
  • It should be highly relevant to the target audience.

4. Use Video/Visual Content

Textual content is crucial for delivering in-depth information. But visual content is also important to deliver the information in an engaging and easy to understand form.

Micro-video is an effective way to include video content in your mobile content. There are many services that make it easier for brands to convey their message using short videos.

So follow these 4 tips to create content that is optimised for mobile. For more information visit Here you can also get help from experienced SEO experts to enhance your mobile content. Make sure to takes the steps before Google releases the new update.