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4 Tips to Promote Your Brand on Pinterest

By June 3, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Pinterest is currently at the heart of visual marketing and allows you to promote your brand in ways that’s not possible with other social media networks. It is one of the best platforms out there for sharing photos with your target audiences.

In fact, Pinterest has come out of its earlier image of being a place for posting “girly stuff.”

Here are 5 strategies you can use to promote your brand on this photo sharing website.

1. Use Pinterest to Highlight Your Products/Services

Develop a visual resume of your business on Pinterest to tell people of your products or services. You may pin screenshots from your website or your best works or your product photographs.

2. Promote Pins

When you promote pins, you will have more control over your branding. Even if you are going to share a few, choose the pins that best display your brand. The best thing about promoted pins is that your audience will not seem them like deliberate ads. They get integrated into the Pinterest interface in an elegant and clean way so that it easily gets noticed.

You don’t want to worry about your target audience is that they don’t annoy them like the old flashy ads on the web.

You can get additional visibility with promoted pins. There’s no need to have a large budget dedicated to it. The level of engagement can be seen in the form of views, repins and likes.

3. Make Sure Your Followers Are Appreciated

Make sure never to forget to appreciate your followers for the support they have provided you. It works as a simple yet highly effective gesture. It can be a simple ‘thank you’ pin or you may provide them something that can be of interest.

4. Product Demonstrations

Pinterest is a great website for product demonstrations. Many people will love to learn how to use your products.

This can help generate more interests in what you are offering.

Pinterest is much more than a social network. It is not just a social site where people come to chat or hang out. It also shares tons of advice and ideas.

People may be interested in planning their wedding and may be looking for ideas on Pinterest. Someone may be thinking of buying a new laptop or decorating her home.

Pinterest is increasingly playing a role in people’s lives by sharing ideas and thoughts.

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