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5 Automated Features in Google AdWords for Your Business

By July 5, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google’s increased reliance on machine learning means that new automated features are going to be released more often than ever. AdWords (to be rebranded Google Ads) has been able to release more updates in recent times due to advances in technologies. Here are 5 features that Google’s PPC program can now do automatically.

1. Universal App Campaigns

Universal App Campaigns allow you to increase your app installs or boost your in-app conversions. AdWords can automatically manage different functions including:

  • Ad creation
  • Bidding
  • Targeting

It works for optimal results within your set budget.

2. Automated Bidding

AdWords offers 7 automated bidding strategies, with 3 based on Google’s machine learning system called Smart Bidding. It works by predicting the clicks which are highly likely to generate conversions and value.

The different Smart Bidding Strategies are:

  • Target ROAS
  • Target CPA
  • Enhanced CPC

The program predicts the chances of conversion based on auction-time signals such as device, language, and location amongst others.

3. Smart Campaigns for Small Business

Google has recently launched a new automated campaign type focused on small businesses. It is called Smart Campaigns and its primary function is to automate processes like ad and landing page creation according to data generated in Google My Business. It also allows you to submit images.

4. Goal-Optimised Shopping Campaigns

Shopping Ads drives almost 6 in 10 clicks for retailers on Google. This new campaign subtype has made it simpler for you to start with Shopping Ads. It can automatically run both remarketing and Shopping ads on Google display network. It makes use of data from dozens of conversions over the last 45 days for predicting which bids are going to drive optimal sales value. You can set your ROAS target and it is going to work on achieving optimal sales within the budget and target.

5. Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads helps you if you have a large website or large number of products to sell. It can automatically target ads based on:

  • Relevant ads
  • Relevant queries
  • Relevant landing page

It makes use of Google’s organic index for finding pages that match with searches, but the pages aren’t creating ads. You can then determine which pages to be included from your site.

These automated features are helpful and can help you achieve great results without putting in much effort. However, there is still a limitation on what machine learning can do. The human element is still required. Visit for more information on the latest developments in the field of PPC, SEO, and other online marketing strategies.