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5 Concepts for Promoting Your Brand on Instagram

By June 2, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

With over 700 million users, Instagram is larger than Twitter and is second only to Facebook when the largest social networking sites are counted. It also stands out for the level of user engagement it offers. To give a clear idea of how important Instagram is for your business, it is worth taking into account its brand-engagement levels.

Instagram Brand Engagement

Engagement level of Instagram is the following

  • Instagram’s brand engagement level is 10 times higher compared to Facebook
  • It is 84 times higher against Twitter
  • It is 54 times higher against Pinterest

If Instagram is not in your online marketing plan, you are simply missing the most engaging platform out there.

Strategies to Promote

So how to use Instagram to give your business great exposure. Here are 5 strategies to follow:

  • Promote Brand Lifestyle: Businesses can promote the way of life around their product/service. Create and share pictures filled with personality, allowing people to think of themselves with your product. Show the lifestyle and culture around your products and instill positive feelings about your brand.
  • Share User Content: You can share pictures of your customers using your products. Encourage more users to share their photos with you. You can then share their photos on your account and give credit to their Instagram account. It helps impress both your potential customers and existing ones.
  • Convey a Mood: Depending on your business, you can create and convey a visual content style that can be recognized with your brand. Every time your viewers see your posts, they will recognize the associated brand. You will have to find out what content style conveys your brand story best and once you find it, stick to it and create a cohesive appeal.
  • Create Funny & Raw Content: When most businesses focus on achieving perfection around their Instagram posts, keeping things funny and draw can be a unique strategy. Create engaging content and invite your followers of to like and share within their network. The goal should be to make an emotional connect with them.
  • Pictures of Delicious Food: If you are in the foods business, sharing beautiful pictures of delicious food can be an effective strategy. Everyone loves pictures of delicious food and they can be so compelling that they want to visit your business and try the foods.

The key to promoting your brand on Instagram is to find the right strategy. No matter whether you have a large or small business, this platform offers a platform for promotion for all sizes of businesses. For more information and to get professional help, it is recommended to visit https://thesearchmarketingshop.com/seo/website-optimisation-service.