Google AdWords, when used the right way, can prove to be one of the biggest contributors to your revenue generation model. It is one of the most cost-effective online marketing strategies. As AdWords keeps getting new updates every now and then, there are some evergreen strategies that will help you generate high quality traffic and maintain high conversion rates. Here are 5 strategies you shouldn’t ever ignore.

1. Keep an Eye on Quality Score & Average Position

Always keep an eye on the average position metric. It will give you info about how you rank against the competition on the basis of keywords. Also monitor the keyword quality score. It is scored on a scale of 1 to 10 and measures how effectively your keyword aligns with the ad copy and landing page. Quality score also shows you the performance against the keyword.

2. Take Geo Targeting Seriously

In Google AdWords you can target specific locations based on your targeted market. This also means that you should eliminate the countries which are not targeted. If you are selling in 100 countries, segment your targeted marketing into locations and create different AdWords campaigns for the specific audience. This will help you target better and generate more traffic while increasing your savings.

AdWords allows you to create multiple target locations such as:

  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Area

Evaluate where you are generating more conversion and adjust your bids to target areas that generate higher conversions.

3. Create Landing Pages that Align Campaign Goals

When you build a campaign, don’t be focused excessively on the AdWords platform. You should also be careful about the landing page experience of your visitors. If you don’t pay attention to improving this experience, you could be generating high traffic volumes with low conversion rates.

The role of AdWords is to drive maximum possible targeted traffic to your website. It contributes to the beginning part of the prospect’s journey. It is the landing page experience that takes that journey further. So make sure there is alignment between the campaign goals and the landing page experience.

4. Track Conversions

AdWords campaigns need to be regularly adjusted based on the traffic generated and conversion rates. You can track your campaign’s conversions in a number of ways, such as in the form of:

  • Phone calls
  • Number of forms filled
  • Number of button clicks
  • Email subscription
  • PDF/file downloads

You can track these actions from within AdWords or even using Google Analytics. Analyse the reports at different levels to determine what factors are helping drive the most conversion. These factors can include:

  • Search queries
  • Keywords
  • Ad copy
  • Devices
  • Geographies
  • Time of day

Bid modifiers can be added to help generate more clicks based on the factors that deliver better performance. You can also use successful ad copies as the guide for creating new ad copies.

5. Optimise Language Options

If you are targeting different geographies, it will be best to reach your target audience in their own language. AdWords allows targeting in more than three dozen languages. Google can also help in matching your search ads to users based on their browser language.

If you want to get the best results from your Google AdWords campaigns, it is also important to get help from AdWords experts. The different aspects of the platform keep changing from time to time. This includes keyword trends, quality score, bid competition and Google search algorithms. So make sure to find experienced professionals who are specialised in AdWords. Visit for more information and to get help from industry-leading experts.