5 Quick Twitter Tips

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5 Quick Twitter Tips

Here is a very quick guide to using twitter more effectively, twitter can be an important tool for businesses, mainly for branding although executed in the correct manner you may find yourself developing new business directly from it, particularly if you use the following tips:

1. Follow and Mention Prospects.

Ever wanted to put your face infront of your potential customers? Well you can, with Twitter. Start by listing companies who may be interested in buying your products or services, go to their websites/search for their twitter account, follow them and mention them using the @ key in one of your tweets in order to ignite conversation. The prospect will be notified, no doubt read the tweet and possibly converse with you, helping you strike a relationship with your prospects in simple steps.

Tip – Ask them a question on a topic they may be interested in or reply to one of their tweets with a question. Give them something that will lead them to an action.

Hint – Only do this once every 5 tweets as a minimum as you may start to look desperate by doing it each time you tweet.

2. Trending Topics and # Tag

On the right hand side of the twitter home page you will see trending topics, some may have a # tag before them. A hash tag is basically a way of assigning a keyword or topic to your tweet. When people search for information on that subject there is a good chance your tweet will show in the search results, increasing your branding and encouraging more people to see who you are and follow you.

It is useful to create your hash tags around the trending ones, as these are the keywords that most people are searching for. It is extremely useful when the trending topics are or can be related to your industry as the people viewing your tweets from the search may be prospective customers.

Tip – Use your head, if there is a new piece of news in your industry, use it in your hash tag. For example you may own a computer software store, a date for is adobe photoshop CS6 has been announced by adobe. Use #photoshop or #photoshopcs6 in your tweets!

3. Mention the Big Boys

It is often worth mentioning those a little more famous than yourselves, due to the fantastic ‘retweet’ oppotunity. A retweet is where another user likes your tweet and mentions it on their page. If this person has thousands of followers there is no doubt many people will see your profile and your branding will spread.

Tip – Ensure the person is actually important, there are alot of spammers who will follow anybody, or those involved in the #teamfollowback. These people generally don’t have much attention paid to their tweets, therefore there is not much point mentioning them.

Hint – It does not have to be competitors, it is best to mention those in your industry who offer unrelated services or products, alternatively mentioning key figures in your business sector.

4. Automated Messages

Automated messages are direct messages that automatically go out to whoever follows you, this is the prime time to let them know of your offers and specials! If you follow the above steps, the person may be a prospect, so giving them a call to action via a direct message may create new business/sales for you.

To set up automated messages, look at Social Ooomph, you can take a free 30 day trial, after which you can choose only to take the automation facility, the monthly cost is extremely low and well worth it if you think of the benefits.

Tip – There are alot of spammers out there, so try and keep your direct message less spammy, yet still asking the prospect to do something. E.g Thank you for the follow, we have a 20% special if it interests you, please click this link…

5.Give and Receive

It is important that you keep your followers following you, therefore look at what they are interested in, their tweets and hash tags and retweet them. Show interest in their direct messages (if it is a related prospect) and message them back. Remember Twitter is mainly a branding key as opposed to a direct marketing approach, a prospect may follow you for months and months before making an enquiry, therefore the ongoing impression is as important as a first/lasting impression.

Feel free to lead your comments and remember, behind every succesful company there is a great Search Marketing Agency.