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5 Reasons for Targeting Bing Ads

By April 19, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Bing Ads allows you to get competitive advantage. There are many reasons why you should also include it into your advertising campaign. The CPCs are lower and the traffic has high chances of converting. Here are the top reasons to diversify and invest in Bing advertising.

1. Lesser Competition & Lower CPCs

Bing Ads has a similar auction system as Google AdWords. You will face lesser competition with regard to ad position and cost per click. So you will be spending lesser but getting better positions. It will also help increase the chances of getting higher CTR.

2. Control Over Search Partner Targeting

With Bing, you are allowed to target any of the following:

  • Bing search
  • Search partners
  • Bing search and search partners

This gives you an edge with more control over what platforms you want to target.

Another benefit is that you could run a quick report to learn the search partners who are driving the traffic to your website.

3. No Forcing “close variants”

With Bing Ads, you can target exact keywords and phrase keywords. You don’t have to expand and include grammatical errors, misspellings or plurals. This means more control over your ad campaigns.

4. Improved Social Extensions

Bing Ads may not give insights into the Facebook fans of the advertiser, it does however give your target audience a look into your Twitter-follower size. Twitter may not be as large as Facebook, the micro-blogging site does have one of the highest user activity.

5. Control Search Demographics

Bing gives you control on demographic-based targeting over its search network. This gives it a big edge over its competitors, especially when it comes to search. It is worth mentioning that Google AdWords does offer you a lot of control over demographic targeting too.

Bing Ads also allows you to control the age and gender demographics viewing your search ads. However, this feature is something that’s mostly underused. You can control this kind of targeting at ad group or campaign group level from within Bing Ads.

Bing Market Share – United Kingdom

Bing has a search market share of 8.88% in the UK. It is far ahead of other search engines outside Google’s dominance. While you focus on Google AdWords, there is every reason to include Bing Ads into your campaign too. Because its relatively cheaper, it is poised to add more value to your overall ad campaign.

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