5 SEO Strategies You Cannot Ignore in 2018 - The Search Marketing Shop

As everyone is preparing to celebrate the New Year, SEOs and marketers have been thinking of planning an even more effective marketing strategy for the coming year. SEO has undergone more changes in the past couple of years than in the decade before. So you can expect some dramatic trends in the coming year. Here are 5 SEO strategies that you should focus on more to help achieve your goals.

1. Video & Image Search

As online interactions have become increasingly visual, search engines will treat images and videos in more important ways than before. Some of the contributing factors include:

  • Faster internet speeds
  • A desire to engage more with visual content
  • More social media sites focused on photo and video sharing

Search engines have developed or acquired technologies that focus on recognising visual elements within rich content with more accuracy.

2. Focus on Long-form Textual Content

Blogging is just one area where the growing importance of long-form content has been realised. Surveys show that an increasing number of bloggers are now focusing on lower frequency of publishing while increasing the average length of their posts. The most successful writers have discovered that success lies in publishing long-form content with in-depth information with a lower frequency.

3. Focus on Page Speed

User experience will continue to be a big SEO factor in 2018. Page load speed is both a user experience (UX) factor and a ranking signal. UX further has an impact on search rankings. So make sure your pages load quickly without keeping your visitors waiting for long. Most search engines expect a well optimised page to load within 3 seconds. Conduct a Google page speed test and identify the problematic factors, if any.

4. Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO will gain even more importance in 2018. The contributing factors include:

  • Rise in voice search
  • Mobile-friendliness as an existing ranking factor
  • The potential mobile-first index
  • Over 50% of Google searches generating in mobile devices

Conduct a mobile-friendliness test and find the problematic factors, if any. Improve your website and run the test again.

5. More Focus Voice Search

An increasing number of searchers find it more convenient to speak than type. Voice search is faster and search engines have also been able to allow more detailed queries. At the same time, voice recognition systems have become quite advanced, making searchers more comfortable with these systems.

This means you will also have to rank your content for phrases that searchers are going to use as part of their natural speech. Keep in mind that people speak in a different way than typing. Make sure that your SEO strategy also uses conversational sentences and phrases.

So make sure to follow these 5 SEO strategies in 2018 along with your existing marketing plan. Visit https://thesearchmarketingshop.com/search-engine-optimisation/ for more information and to get help from experienced SEO experts.