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5 Strategies to Market your Business on LinkedIn

By September 19, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

5 Strategies to Market your Business on LinkedIn 1

Many business owners think that LinkedIn is a social site for professionals to connect and interact with each others. But it is worth considering that many of those professionals are key executives in their organisation. They are decision makers. With over 364 million users on the site, both professionals and organisations, all of them are categorised properly into different segments. If you are not promoting on LinkedIn, you are missing out big.

Here are 5 strategies to help you promote your burliness on its powerful social site.

1. Build your Company Profile

Start by creating your company’s profile on LinkedIn. Make sure that your profile is complete and is in consistency with your information elsewhere. Because LinkedIn is a high-authority site, your profile page is highly likely to rank high in your SERPs.

It is also important to update your profile from time to time. It is recommended to update your profile page once every few months – the more often the better! It is recommended to make some small changes to the following factors on a regular basis:

  • The content
  • Headline
  • Images

When Google sees that your page is regularly refreshed, it will consider that your information is frequently updated. Besides, the updates also put your company and brand name in front of the LinkedIn network.

2. Seek Recommendations

This is a great benefit of LinkedIn for both businesses and professionals. It is a proven fact that recommendation from people is more effective than any form of advertising. Ask all your clients to share their experience on your profile.

3. Interact with Audience in LinkedIn Answers

Check the questions on the social site regularly and answer the relevant ones. This will help in building your reputation as an authority figure in your niche. You can assign this duty to someone to check the questions once a week.

4. Create a Group for your Brand/Product

Look for groups related to your niche. Join them and answer queries and posts. The more you interact with people, the better you will be able to build your brand name and authority. Once you have established a good reputation, you can create your own group.

It could be a page dedicated to your product or brand or to your industry!

5. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has different advertising programs. You can run effective and affordable ad campaigns, choosing from the following programs:

  • Banner ads
  • Display ads
  • Text links
  • Ad units
  • Direct Ads

Direct Ads

The LinkedIn Direct Ads program works in almost the same way as Google AdWords. You can enter the content and build a destination link. Then you can bid on the amount you are ready to pay for every click-through.

Follow these strategies to promote your business on LinkedIn. For more information, it is recommended to visit https://thesearchmarketingshop.com/social/page-management/ and have the industry-leading experts promote your business on this leading social site.