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5 Tips to Run Successful Email Marketing Campaign this Halloween Season

By September 8, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

5 Tips to Run Successful Email Marketing Campaign this Halloween Season 1

Last year an estimated £443 million were spent on Halloween. Out of this almost 33% was spent on clothing and costumes. So how are you planning to reach your target audience this Halloween?

Last Year Halloween Spending

The breakdown of the Halloween spend last year was as following:

  • Clothing & Costumes – £148 million
  • Food – £132 million
  • Decorations – £92 million
  • Entertainment & Stationery – £ 70 million

These figures are expected to increase further this year.

Email Marketing Tips for this Halloween

Over 57 million people (89.9% of population) in the UK use the Internet. Almost everyone using the web has an email account and they are likely to check it every day. So email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience this Halloween.

Here are some effective strategies to run your email campaign.

1. Customise your Email Template this Halloween

Create custom themes and colours that create the perfect Halloween mood. Use orange and black colour schemes. You can also take the liberty to tweak your log to match the pumpkin theme. You can go a step further and create Halloween themed landing pages related to your products and offerings. Or a page can be created just for fun.

Halloween theme also means creating scary (and catchy subjects). Create stories with describing spooky and fun things that may happen to those who don’t use your offers.

2. Start Early

Don’t leave your Halloween campaign waiting until the last moment. Start with a campaign at least a month before the occasion. You can start your email and social campaign earlier than search engine promotion.

3. Segmentation

Segment your email list and create targeted and well-timed campaigns for each one. Parents with young kids are more likely to purchase candies than those with grown up children. Different types of groups have different buying habits. So don’t create a one campaign-fits-all strategy.

4. Create Perfect Mix of Educational & Promotional Content

Halloween gives you an opportunity to reach your audience in a more fun and engaging way. Your content shouldn’t always be about making a sale. Share content that is interesting, creates the perfect feel of holiday, and builds stronger relationship.

5. Think of Offering Freebies

Your email campaigns can become even more effective if you can offer incentives to your prospects and customers. A good way is to offer some freebie when someone places an order during the Halloween season.

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