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6 Google AdWords Features to Consider in 2017

By March 15, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google has updated AdWords regularly to ensure that advertisers get the best ROI. It has become richer in features yet simpler than ever. As the online marketing scenario keeps evolving, the same has been the case with AdWords this year. Here are 6 AdWords features which you should consider using in 2017.

1. Device Oriented Bids

This feature allows you to bid based on the devices you bid on. Use the Device Bid Adjustment feature and enter the value for separate devices – mobile, tablet and desktop.

As an advertiser, you will find more controls for device bidding. The feature was added to Enhanced Campaigns and can help you achieve great results. It has been launched to differentiate tablet and desktop traffic, but can also be used to create custom bid campaigns for each device type.

2. Expanded Text Ads

Google released Expanded Text Ads last year. It allows you to create bigger ads having more textual content. This can have a significant effect on your click-through rates.

Expanded Text Ads have 2 headlines with (30-character limit each) and a single 800-character description line. The ads are optimized for mobile device experience. Another advantage of using this AdWords feature is that ads can be created and edited in bulk.

3. Responsive Display Ads

Easy to create, these ads require the following for creation:

  • Image
  • Headline
  • Description
  • Google URL

Once you provide this info, the search engine automatically builds your responsive ads. Research shows that these ads give a significant boost to conversion rates. The ads will automatically adapt to the ad space within the Google Display Network. Use this feature to get started with advertising instantly and without going into the technical aspects.

4. Demographics for Search Ads

Last year Google released the ‘Demographics for search ads’ feature that allows advertisers to target desired demographics. It helps you calibrate how much you want to target genders and ages. It can be compared to remarketing or location targeting.

If you have an age-group- or gender-targeted product, you should be using this AdWords feature. Thus, you will be spending on ads that specifically focus on your target audience.

5. Price Extensions

If you are offering a wide range of services, ‘price extensions’ is an excellent feature that lets you separate each service. You can set specific price and description for each service and send them to a separate landing page. ‘Price extensions’ was launched last year, but it has been recently made available across all devices.

6. Campaign-Level Audience Targeting

Google launched campaign level Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) some time ago. This new audience targeting feature simplifies the process of setting up RLSA bids. It also makes it easier to optimize and measure performance.

So if you want to boost your AdWords performance, make sure to use the above-mentioned features.

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