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8 Strategies to Promote Your Brand on Twitter More Effectively

By October 28, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Twitter is entering a new phase after the recent developments. Whoever takes it over, one thing is for sure – it continues to be the preferred social platform for marketers who want results. Distributed conversations take place at unprecedented ‘volume’ all across the network. Twitter may not be as big as its other counterparts, the level of conversations taking place on it is massive. With over half a billion tweets daily, it is one marketing platform you cannot ignore.

The following guide will help you make the most of Twitter when promoting your brand.

1. Optimise Your Profile

Make sure that your company’s bio speaks effectively to people. Tell them clearly what you do. Make sure a link is there – it can be your company’s website or a landing page.

The bio should have a consistent tone allowing people to understand what your brand is all about!

2. Use Visuals to Promote Your Brand

Twitter now allows you to add a lot of visuals to your profile and regular tweets. Use Twitter’s photo collage to tell a story.

You can now even post videos on the micro-blogging site (it is no longer a micro-blogging platform, it has grown beyond). You can upload your brand videos of 140 seconds or less.

It’s not just the big brands, even the small ones are successfully using Twitter’s visual features to tell their stories effectively to their target audience!

3. Promote Tweets

Don’t just be limited to tweeting and forgetting it. Make sure to promote your tweets too. Promoting your tweets means:

  • Customising your ad messaging.
  • Targeting specific demographics.
  • Create keyword rich copies.

When someone searches for your keywords, they’ll see your ads in  the top search results. You can use twitter to promote not only your business, but also your events.

4. Make Appropriate Use of Hashtags

You should use not only relevant hashtags, but also shortened links to reach a larger audience. This can help you reach those who are searching for your content.

Create content around themes which are popular and trending on the micro-blogging site and include a hashtag. It can help in improving the reach and engagement levels.

Links can also be used for directing traffic to your site or landing page. For optimal impact shorten your links. This will help both with branding and keeping track of clicks.

5. Find & Interact with Relevant Influencers

Find the influencers in your industry and interact with them as and when possible.

There are many tools to help you find not only influencers but also interested prospects and customers. Follow them and interact regularly. It is recommended to create a list of the most influential names in your industry. This can include:

  • Bloggers
  • Thought leaders
  • Writers
  • Journalists
  • Potential customers
  • Even customers

Make them a part of your private twitter list and interact with them regularly.

6. Be Regular with Your Tweets

When you tweet regularly, it gives an impression that you have an active profile. Don’t let your followers and influencers to forget you!

When you post and engage daily, you’ll be on top of their mind. Also make sure that the content is relevant and useful for your followers.

7. Track & Analyse

Not only should you track your mentions and respond, you should also analyse your twitter campaigns. Track what people are saying about your brand. Respond wherever required.

When it come to analysis focus on the following key stats:

  • The top 10 interests among your followers
  • A breakdown of your followers by their region
  • The brands your followers follow (this can include your competitor brands too)
  • The kind of engagement you are getting – likes and retweets
  • Engagement rates (best posts)
  • Favourite Rate
  • Tweet length against engagement
  • Tweet reach (percentage of followers you are reaching)
  • Your most important sharers
  • Hashtag comparison
  • Impressions, engagement rate, clicks & retweets by time of day
  • Best days for engagement

8. Retweet Other’s Tweets

Like any other social marketing channel, don’t just be limited to your own tweets. Retweet other’s too. This will help in strengthening your through leadership too.

Follow these 8 tips and you’ll be able to boost your twitter promotion like anything.

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