8 Tips to Make the Most of Google Posts - The Search Marketing Shop

Google Posts is the latest addition to Google’s suite of features for small and medium sized businesses. You can use it to publish your products, services and events to Google Search and Google Maps. Since it is a new feature, most businesses are unaware how to make the most of it.

Tips for Google Posts

  1. UTM Codes: You should use UTM codes to keep track of the click activity. There is no ready integration with Google Analytics (which makes it a unique Google feature), so it is recommended to create custom URL within call-to-action link to get detailed information including conversion.
  2. Image Size: 750 x 750 is the optimal size for images. Google Posts doesn’t allow images of size smaller than 250 x 250. It is recommended to ‘centre-weigh’ the images for proper display.
  3. Keyword Optimisation: Google Posts is currently free from the influence of keyword optimisation. The ideal strategy will be to use it to highlight your promotions, USP and sales.
  4. Knowledge Panel: The first 100 characters will display within the Knowledge Panel and this is where you should include the most important information.
  5. Post Preference: The latest posts display first, followed by older posts displayed in carousal format.
  6. Post Regularly: Since Google Posts stay live only for 7 days, it will be required to post often. There is no scheduling feature yet.
  7. Unique URL: Each post has a unique URL which can be shared using a single click.
  8. Search Results: The first 2.5 posts are displayed in search results. Scrolling up will allow 10 posts to be shown in a carousal.

Current Limitations

Given these tips, there are a number of limitations to the new feature. Currently, it doesn’t support videos and animated GIFs. There is no support for ‘hotel’ category. The unique URLs for each post are not indexed in search. This is a different feature compared to Google Plus posts.

Google Posts is a new feature with certain limitations. However, it is a valuable addition and still offers many benefits. It is expected that Google will continue to expand it in the near future. For more information about Google’s latest products and features, it is recommended to visit https://thesearchmarketingshop.com/search-engine-optimisation/. Here you can also get support from SEO experts to help improve your website’s search engine rankings.