9th ICT Conference & Exhibition Cyprus – The 4th Industrial Revolution

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Will advancement in robotics mean that many tasks traditionally done by human labour will be replaced by machines? Probably.

Will Artificial Intelligence mean that we use computers to assist and advise us in many aspects of our daily lives, from choosing a holiday, to health screening, to how we interact with each other? Very likely.

9th Information and Communication Technology Conference & Exhibition

9th ICT Conference and Exhibition Cyprus Alexis SimonThe presenters at the 9th Information and Communications Technology (ICT) conference gave us examples of how our lives are going to be transformed and improved by this 4th revolution.

Aris Paraskevopoulos from Samsung told us how the ‘Internet of Things’ is going to allow the numerous devices we use to connect to each other and share data. Siam Kidd from The Realistic Trader told of how a new system of micro-payments for micro-services will very soon be with us, based upon blockchain technology.

Tim Gordon from Best Practice AI (Artificial Intelligence) explained how using “machine learning” computers can search for meaningful patterns in data which would take humans millions of years to find, which can be useful in things like medical diagnostics.

Is Cyprus ready for the 4th revolution? Will we be part of it? Or will we be left behind?

The answer to this last question and the presentation which for me came as great example of what we might expect soon in Cyprus was from Avi Nativ, Head of Communications at Tel Aviv Municipality in Israel.

Avi used Tel Aviv as a showcase for what has been done already and what the future may hold. His presentation showed the services Tel Aviv municipality have brought to their citizens through use of modern ICT.

From reporting a problem when out and about in the city, to learning about what events are taking place, to information on resources available to citizens. This is the vision of the ‘SMART CITY’ made real.

With an 80% (!!) utilisation rate amongst the citizens of Tel Aviv, this is a project ‘for the people, by the people, of the people’.

Check out this link and prepare to dream of what your own city could be like.

The Smart City of Nicosia? Limassol? Let’s insist upon it. Let’s help make it happen.

Once again, thanks to IMH for organising a thought provoking and inspiring day.

Simon Looker