Founded in 2009, The Search Marketing Shop specializes in pay per click advertising and search engine optimization. It has built its reputation by growing the digital presence of – and delivering conversion results to – over 300 companies across a wealth of countries and markets.

Based in Manchester, UK, and Limassol, Cyprus, the agency serves companies of all sizes in English, Greek and Russian. Tested and approved by Google, the biggest authority in online marketing, The Search Marketing Shop, now a Google Premier Partner, invites you to become its next success story. Complete the form below if you would like to speak with somebody from the highly talented team.

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Our Mission

In today’s online connected age, many businesses are making huge revenues because of being discovered via search engines. In 2011, we brought together a small team of highly qualified, search marketing experts with the same philosophy – to make search engine marketing work for businesses in the best way possible. Achieving optimum results for our clients, coupled with our agency’s founding commitment to a strong customer service ethos, has always been the recipe for our success.

Award-winning Premier Google Partner

More clients are choosing us for AdWords management, over hundreds of other Google Partners.

The aim of our campaigns is to ensure our clients are guaranteed an excellent return on their marketing investment. Every penny you spend is vital. When you commit to invest in marketing your business, you naturally expect to see a profitable return. As soon as you come on board The Search Marketing Shop, we use our expert tools, knowledge, and expertise to plan a strategy, which helps you quickly achieve your business goals.

You will notice that the majority of our offers do not include a contract. The reason is simple!

We are confident that after just one month, you will see how essential our services are to the growth of your business. Unlike most of our competitors, we do not need to force our clients into long contracts. The Search Marketing Shop can also provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective marketing solutions for small, medium, and large businesses.

Director of Search

“Since graduating, over the last ten years, I have been helping businesses grow online. Leading the team at the Search Marketing Shop, I ensure all my clients are getting the maximum success possible for their spending on search engine marketing. This is achieved through access to the most advanced tools and applying an extensive knowledge of strategies and techniques to websites and pay per click accounts. In my working life, there is nothing quite as fulfilling as when I make search marketing work for a client or radically improve upon their previous online campaigns.

My intrinsic motivation to ensure my clients see their businesses grow drives my desire to go the extra mile, which I believe is the reason they use The Search Marketing Shop year after year. With my core pay per click skills, ability to keep those great marketing ideas flowing, and our fantastic team of search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click marketing professionals, it is always a pleasure to play a real part in helping my clients realise their business goals. If you feel you would like to get in touch directly, please email”

Tom Bagshaw, Managing Director

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Goran Svoboda

Company Director / Senior Web Developer

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Simon Looker

UK Sales Executive

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Alexis Christodoulou

Digital Marketing Manager

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Darko Milosevic

Finance Manager

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