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AdWords Ads to Store Visits – Google Reports Over a Billion Conversions in 2 Years

By May 26, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Google launched store visits tracking and measurement for AdWords back in December 2014. Google has since measured over a billion store visits across the world to learn how online advertising affects in-store traffic. Store visit measurements are now available within AdWords to a thousand advertisers from almost a dozen countries including the United Kingdom. This includes automotive dealers.

When Nissan UK conducted a study, the data showed that around 6% of mobile ad clicks resulted in a dealership visit. In a study in Japan, it was found that around 10% of mobile searches resulted in store visits. These are pretty high rates for Google AdWords.

Even last year, Google reported 10 times increase in conversions (after counting store visits) for US retailers who used mobile search ads. The conversions rose two times for auto and travel sectors, including the store visit data.

Universal App Campaigns

Google had also developed and launched the Universal Apps Campaigns to help advertisers generate more downloads for their apps. Until now it has enabled over 2 billion downloads across Google’s properties including:

  • Google Search
  • Google Display Network
  • YouTube
  • Google Play

Google has now also launched this campaign type on iOS.

Continual Ad Improvements

Google has been working to improve ad presence on both the small and large screen to keep improving the search experience. This also helped in delivering a more consistent experience across different types and sizes of devices. This led to the development of new expanded text ads within AdWords which are optimised for the screen sizes of the commonly used mobile devices. It allows advertisers to display more information on their products/services.

Many advertisers reported CTR increase of up to 20% against current text ads.

The latest findings show that online ads can help bring more and more people to your storefront. AdWords is considered the world’s largest online-to-offline ad measuring system. Businesses from most industry sectors now use insights from AdWords store visits for measuring how effective their online ads are in generating offline response. If you are not already using it, it is time to start investing more time and effort on this aspect of AdWords.

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