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AdWords Editor and Google Shopping Updates

By August 15, 2014 January 23rd, 2020 No Comments

It was a  few years ago when Google released Shopping campaigns. The PPC feature displays Product Listing Ads on Google’s search results, partner sites and Google Shopping.

While Google was busy developing Shopping, they have brought about some important update to AdWords Editor. The standard PLA campaign type will be replaced in a few days.

The latest version, v10.5 comes with Shopping campaign management.

It allows you to view and update the settings of your Shopping campaign, but creation of campaigns and ad groups continues to be restricted to the AdWords interface.

So if a Google Shopping campaign is copied or imported to AdWords Editor, it gets copied as a Search Only campaign. It will be duplicated without any product groups.

Product Groups

With regard to product groups, the following actions are possible:

  • You can upload or download product groups to AdWords
  • The product groups can be switched between Excluded and Biddable
  • You can edit product group bids and URLs in bulk
  • The changes can be imported or exported to current product groups using XML/CSV (for import) and XML/HTML/CSV (for export)

Product groups could be accessed within Targeting in a chosen Google Shopping campaign. Google, however, has kept the functions of creation and deletion of product groups limited to the AdWords frontend.

Major Changes

Some of the major changes in the Editor are as following:

  • Links to mobile device landing pages need to be provided separately
  • New product bundles
  • More details for apparel and other fashion products
  • Once ads are deleted they will not be downloaded into the editor, which means a cleaner editor
  • Availability of aggressive vs conservative targeting options

In addition Google will place some limitations on the number of characters of each feature. This will help display the most appropriate product information.

Fresh Product Feed Specs

Before the latest update to AdWords, Google had already brought another update to Shopping feed specifications.

This means higher level of flexibility with regard to organisation of product data, and more options when addressing prospective customers.

The latest updates in AdWords Editor will make things easier for advertisers who rely on Google Shopping campaigns.

Implementation of target methods will become easier and things will be neater as deleted ads will not appear in the Editor.

Your AdWords campaigns will become more refined and effective.