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App Install Ads: Bing Ads Launches New Ad format for Testing

By November 15, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Bing Ads has started testing app install ads for Android and iOS. Initially, the tests are limited to the US market, but are expected to reach the UK in a short time. The ads are linked directly to the app download page. Bing Ads is showing the app install ads within the web UI and API. You can see the App Install ad option within the UI in the ad type field. You can create new ads for users participating in the initial test.

Advantages of App Install Ads

Both the App Store and Play Store have millions of apps and promoting your app can be a daunting task. Bing Ads’ new ads can help make it even easier to promote your apps. App Install Ads is a new format of ads that allows you to drive users directly to your app’s page within Google Play or App Store. You can activate it when choosing the ad type for your campaign within Bing Ads’ ad formats.

When your potential customers reach your app download page directly, you will save time and the number of clicks required to have your app downloaded. It will automatically detect the user device and OS due to its smart targeting features. The user will be taken to the right app store (Google Play or Apple iTunes). You can also set up simple conversion tracking to know how your app install ad is performing. However, tracking can be setup only through a Bing certified partner.

Main Features of App Install Ads

Some of the main features of the new ad format are as following:

  • The ad format doesn’t have any display URL. The clicks are directed straight to the download page in the Play Store or App Store.
  • It is available in for Bulk upload and within API. App install ads are not available within BAE.
  • You must enable upgraded URLs to access it.

Currently, the new ad format is being tested for app developers in the US. It is expected to get a global release after the test period is over. Bing Ads is using the pilot phase to collect feedback and fine tune the overall experience. According to Bing Ads, the test will continue for a couple of months.

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