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Does Your App Support App Indexing? You are Missing Out on Competitive Edge!

By March 12, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

According to a recent study, very few websites shave deployed App Indexing in their apps. Most websites today have apps, but this latest study shows that only around 19% of iOS apps and 30% of Android apps have actually deployed App Indexing. The study was conducted by Searchmetrics. Around 88% of the top 100 sites have an iOS app and 84% have an Android app. But the deployment rate of App Indexing is too low. If you have not yet embraced Google’s latest feature, you are missing out big.

The App Indexing Gap

According to Searchmetrics, most companies are investing in apps. But only an average of 20% of the apps installed on a user device are opened, even once. App Indexing offers a big opportunity for such companies to get the best from their investment in apps. It can help in driving more traffic and boost interaction, and also drive higher number of conversions.

Google has already indicated that if an app supports App Indexing, it is highly likely to appear higher in searches. So if you already have apps and but if they don’t support App Indexing, you are missing on the big opportunity.

What is App Indexing?

App Indexing was announced in 2013 but released more recently. Now app results appear next to the conventional links in search engine results pages (SERPs). Given these findings by Searchmetrics it is obvious that app indexing can give you a big competitive edge.

Over two-thirds of the top ranking sites having apps are not even using app indexing. So you can expect that your competitors’ apps are not going to appear in their SERPs. So make sure to have your apps indexed if you haven’t done so already.

Benefits of App Indexing

There are many benefits of App indexing for your apps and overall business:

  • Increase your customer loyalty with improved CTR
  • Improved visibility in search engine results pages
  • Larger number of installations for your apps
  • Higher traffic to your business’ front door, which means more conversions

Don’t allow your competition to get the edge. Make sure to make the most of the most of this opportunity.

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