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How to Benefit from PPC Audience Targeting?

By June 27, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

When used properly, PPC audience targeting can help in improving your campaign performance. It can also help in influencing strategies in different campaigns and channels. You can use audiences in paid search to share your content according to your prospects’ position within the funnel. Get information about your prospects’ demographics, interest, and brand engagement levels.

Creating Audiences

You can create audiences on the basis of various activities throughout a buyer’s sales journey. Audiences provide you valuable information about the position of a prospect in the sales funnel. You can create audiences based on the following factors:

  • When someone watches your YouTube videos.
  • When someone visits specific pages, such as product pages and price pages.
  • Visitors who have high page views or spend significant amount of time on your pages.
  • When someone completes a micro-conversion such as downloading an ebook.

Your campaigns can then be created to guide these prospects through the sales funnel.

Customer Matching

This is an excellent method for capturing segmented audiences. If you already have data from your CRM systems, you can create your segmented lists. Customer match can also be used to create cross-selling opportunities based on products/services your target audience already purchased. This feature also benefits you with regard to seasonal business generation.

Information from Earlier Campaign

You can create audiences using a wide range of methods using Google Analytics. For example, you can create remarketing audiences which can be segmented based on data from UTM tags. Such functionalities allow you to target demographics at advanced level. And this valuable information can be used in your remarketing audiences.

UTMs can be set up for defining visitors and remarket with more effectiveness using AdWords. You can build audiences according to the UTMs for creating audiences based on demographic data.

In-market Information

Google has a valuable tool in the form of in-market information. You can use in-market audiences for identifying those who are regularly searching products. Google has been providing this information within paid display campaigns for some years, but it has been made available in search since last year. Even Bing has started providing in-market audiences information for search.

You can also use similar audiences to gather more information and learn about performance of your campaigns. It allows you to learn how effective machine learning (Google) can match your audience.

So use these sources and strategies for more effective PPC audience targeting. Visit for more information and to get help from experienced AdWords and Bing Ads experts.