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What are the Benefits of Integrating SEO & Social Media Marketing?

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Both SEO and social media promotion are deeply connected even though Google never confirms how social media signals influence search rankings. Your SEO campaigns can also help boost your social media reach. These are inbound online marketing strategies that help draw visitors. So what are the benefits of integrating SEO and SMM in an ever-evolving online marketing scenario?

Impact of Social Media on SEO

Google may never accept or explain how social media impacts SEO, but it is certain that social media signals do help boost rankings.

  • Social media profiles can be seen ranking in Google and other search engines.
  • Posts on Facebook and Twitter are treated like ‘web pages’ in search (this means that each post or tweet is treated as an individual web page, not just a post and this creates a strong signal).
  • Social media channels are also search engines in themselves.

Google Analytics allows you to measure social engagement including traffic, interaction and likes. You can find out the number of visitors you are getting from Facebook, the time they spend on your website, and much more. You can use this data to improve engagement. There are limitations based on the data that can be accessed from social media sites, but you can still learn a lot and boost your campaigns based on the available data in Analytics.

Benefits of Mixing SEO & Social Media

Some of the most profound benefits of mixing SEO and social media are as following:

  • Social media marketing helps in improving your position in search results. Google has been found to favour updates in top social media sites within its top search rankings. So you should optimise your social media posts keeping in mind SEO strategies to get indexed.
  • Better social media presence can help in boosting your traffic, which can further have an impact on your search rankings. If you have a large follower base of high-quality and high-engaging users, they are highly likely to visit your website. This can help increase your traffic, which in itself is a ranking factor within search engine algorithm.
  • Google also favours the content on social networks. If you want some content to rank high in search engines, make sure it is added to social media sites.

When developing online marketing strategy, you should give a lot of emphasis to content development. Content has emerged as the most important element in both SEO and social engagement. Eventually, you cannot treat social media and search campaigns separately.

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