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Benefits of Using Negative Keywords in your PPC Campaigns

By October 7, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Benefits of Using Negative Keywords in your PPC Campaigns 1

Keyword research and optimisation is an integral part of your PPC campaigns. Do you know that your competitors may already be using negative keywords to prevent irrelevant traffic? These keywords work in the precise opposite way as the standard keywords. They help in improving targeting of your search campaign by filtering out searchers whose keyphrases include one or more of your keywords but aren’t relevant to your product offerings.

So what are Negative Keywords?

Negative keywords help in preventing your ads from getting triggered by a specific keyphrase. It will tell Google not to display your ad to those who are searching for those specific keyphrases.

Example – If you don’t want to display your ads for anything related to free offers, you can include ‘free’ as a negative keyword in your campaign. So when someone searches for your <keyword> + “free”, your ads will not appear to them.

Negative keywords are crucial to all PPC campaigns. While standard keywords help in displaying your ads to everyone who searches for your ads, negative keywords help refine your campaigns. They help in:

  • Giving a big boost to your Clickthrough Rate
  • Reducing the average Cost Per Click
  • Increasing your ROI

Say Goodbye to Irrelevant Traffic

Generating large volume of web traffic is no longer as important as driving targeted traffic. The difference mostly lies in the context. Why pay for visitors who are never going to convert?

Example – If you are offering plumbing services in London, some of your most important keywords will include “plumbing london” and “plumber london.” These will be the most commonly used key phrases by those searching for plumbers near them.

If you don’t use negative keywords, you are also going to get clicks from people searching for “plumber school london.” You don’t want to pay for clicks which are irrelevant and unlikely to convert.

Why Create a List of Negative Keywords?

To summarise, here are the most important reasons why you should create a list of negative keywords:

  • Your ads will no longer be displayed for irrelevant keywords
  • Improved clickthrough rate. Significant reduction in clickthroughs that don’t convert.
  • Higher positioning of your ads while keeping the CPC low. This means more savings and significant improvement in ROI.
  • Improved knowledge of your keywords, so that you can also use them in your web content, articles and blog posts.

If you are not already using negative keywords in your campaigns, it is time you started including them.

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