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Bind Ads Update: Supports Multiple Languages at Ad Campaign Level

By October 10, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Bing Ads has released a major update, which will bring it closer to Google Ads. The latest change is in the area of language targeting, making it easier to import campaigns. The Microsoft owned program used to support language targeting at the ad group level. That has changed with this latest update.

Language Targeting at Campaign Level

Before this update, Bing Ads advertisers had to carry settings through to different ad groups. There was also lack of alignment with your campaigns in Google Ads. This made things difficult when importing multi-language campaigns from the Google program.

Advantages of New Update

The new update benefits you in different ways. This includes the following:

  • Improved User Experience: The ability to show ads in multiple languages allows you to improve user experience by creating customer-friendly ads.
  • Improved Reach: Targeting more languages means reaching more potential customers. It helps you increase ad impression for your queries.
  • Easier Imports: Now it will be easier for you to import multi-language campaigns from Google Ads. Import all supported campaign languages. You can set the ad group language based on the campaign settings. This can save time and valuable resources when advertising on multiple platforms.
  • Flexible Updates: Targeted languages can be updated anytime. You can update them even for active campaigns.

Setting up Language Targeting

Bing Ads now allows you to set language targeting at the level of ad group. Use the following general steps:

  • Select 1 or 12 of the supported languages from campaign settings
  • Go to ad group settings
  • Select the option for campaign settings for language targeting
  • Update language settings for different ad groups and campaigns by using the bulk editing feature

When target more languages, you are able to drive more impressions. Whilst these benefits are significant, it is important to remember that your ad will not be translated by Bing Ads. You will have to write your ads in the targeted language.

The change has also been updated within Bing Ads Editor and the API. This means that you can easily select any tool for language settings management. The update will allow advertisers and marketers to benefit in a big way from the Bing Network. It will also make it easier to manage ad campaigns.

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