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Bing Adds More Useful AI-Based Insights to Search

By November 30, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Bing is adding AI-based insights to its search results. Microsoft has partnered with Intent Lab to integrate the new changes. This development has come almost a year after Bing had added intelligent search features. The changes are going to help marketers line up their messaging strategy with the customer buying journey. You can gain insights into what your customers are thinking at different stages of the buying process.

Importance of AI Integration

In embracing AI, Bing is making an effort to push Bing Ads into a territory beyond the paid search domain of Google. The search engine company will be using Intent Scoring Algorithm from Intent Lab to keep track of what the customers think at different stages of the online journey.

The search terms used are processed by the machine to learn about the intent and mindset. The information is used to gain further insights into the decision-making process of the user.

The insights will attempt to link the relation between words in search queries and the words in Bing Ads.

Earlier AI Developments at Bing

Exactly a year ago, Bing had launched a series of AI-based search solutions. It helped speed up its search results and provided more comprehensive information. Some of the most important features added at the time included:

  • Intelligent Answers: This feature used current machine reading comprehension
  • Project Brainwave: This feature, combined with Intelligent Answers helps in reading and analysing billions of documents to deliver the required answers (search results)
  • Deep Neural Networks: The search engine makes use of neural networks to verify answers from different trusted sources. This is different from using just a single source.

There are many questions that can have more than one answer (or perspective). Bing’s AI-powered search feature is going to cover all these answers. It can also aggregate the different perspectives from authoritative and trusted sources and show them in results. It can also show opinions from experts.

If a question can be answered in different ways, the search engine now shows a carousal of answers. This means lesser scrolling down to find the appropriate link. Comparison answers can comprehend different entities and their features. They can use machine reading comprehension and read the web, saving users valuable time.

With the latest AI-integration, Bing has taken another step towards providing more value to its users. For more information about the latest developments in the digital marketing domain, it is recommended to visit