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Bing Ads Editor v11.9 Released: Enhanced CPC & Expanded Text Ads Added

By March 28, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Bing has released its latest Bing Ads Editor v11.9 with a set of many new features. The most notable features include exporting standard text ads to spreadsheet for enhanced text ads and the ability for Enhanced CPC bidding. Now you can migrate your standard text ads to Expanded text Ads and boost the performance of your campaign and conversions.

Enhanced CPC

Enhanced CPC was released last year and it helps increase your sales leads and conversion through automatic adjustments in bids. The adjustments in bids can be up to 30% higher in case of searchers with high chances of conversion and up to 100% lower where searchers have lesser chances of conversion.

It can not only help in increasing conversions of your campaign, it can also help in reducing your CPA.

  • Open Bing Ads Editor
  • Look for Bid Strategy Type
  • Select Enhanced CPC

Change the bid strategy for ad groups/keywords. Enhanced CPC can be selected from Bid Strategy drop-down menu at the ad group/keyword level instead of Manual CPC.

Exporting Standard Text Ads to Expanded Text Ads

Expanded Text Ads provides more ad space so that you can grab more attention. Bing Ads Editor provides the feature to export standard text ads to Expanded text Ads format.

  • Select the standard text ads
  • Select ‘Export’
  • Select ‘Export as Expanded Text Ads’ from the drop down menu

Earlier, this feature was available only to AdWords users.

When exporting the ads, make sure that ‘Title Part 2’ is added to the exported file. This is an obligatory field within Expanded Text Ads. There is a maximum limit of 80 characters in Ad text.

Bing Ads Editor for Mac

It was only a few weeks ago that Bing Ads Editor was made available to Mac users too. It was launched initially in beta in the United States in the summer of 2016. With its Mac version launched at the start of this month, a highly requested feature had been answered by the company. Its Mac version also provides all the features found in the Windows version.

This desktop tool has made it much easier for advertisers to manage their accounts. Multiple updates have become much easier as compared to using the web-based UI. It is faster too. You can easily and quickly make edits to your campaigns before sending them live.

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