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Bing Ads has a new segmentation feature and it is going to make list performance comparison even simpler for you. Now you can easily and instantly view performance based on search audience. The new feature is known as Audience Segmentation reporting.

What is Audience Segmentation Reporting?

Audience Segmentation reporting will provide you in-depth insights regarding the performance of your search audiences. Another advantage of the feature is that it simplifies the comparison between audiences and non-targeted users.

You will now be able to view audience data based on Audience Name or Audience Category within ‘Segment’. The areas covered include:

  • Account Summary
  • Ad Groups
  • Campaigns
  • Ads
  • Ad Extensions
  • Keywords

Audience Segmentation reporting is introduced to In-Market Audiences and Custom Audiences, and Remarketing in Paid Search. These two systems are currently in beta mode.

How Does Audience Segmentation Reporting Work?

If you target In-Market audiences within your campaigns, you will be able to view performance against each audience compared to non-targeted users within that audience segment.

When you check Audience Category for the data (at ‘Ad Group’ level), you can instantly evaluate performance based on audience target type. At the same time, you can compare the performance against non-targeted users in the advanced segments.

You can also compare performance based on each lists by segmenting based on Audience Name. Audience Segmentation reporting displays data in a different format compared to Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. The information provided can allow you to make smart changes to your audience bid modifiers.

Bid Modifiers

When using Bing Ads, it is recommended to fix a bid modifier of +15% on Remarketing Audiences and +20% on In-Market Audiences. Audience Segmentation was made available at the beginning of this year. So you can access data using existing audience reports from within the ‘reports’ option.

There has been huge demand for the new Audience Segmentation reporting feature. Advertisers are certainly going to benefit from it, especially from its simplicity and speed. The feature is being released to all Bing Ads markets, including the UK. According to the company, it will be available worldwide within the next couple of weeks. It is expected to further simplify the platform and help you achieve better results from your campaigns.

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