Bing Ads has released Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) for users in both the UK and US. DSA support is already available to advertisers within Bing Ads’ online UI. It will be rolled out to Bing Ads Editor gradually over the next few weeks. The new campaign type is expected to make PPC campaigns more effective and profitable for advertisers using Bing Ads.

So what is Dynamic Search Ads?

You can use Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) to serve ads to searchers without the need for specifying your landing pages or targeted keywords. It will do that automatically without your intervention.

The search engine’s algorithm will evaluate your content and match it to search queries. Bing will also generate ad headline dynamically which will be displayed to the searcher.

The algorithm may also include copy for special situations when real-time signals may arise (location or intent). There are two clear advantages of DSA:

  • It can find new and effective search terms that could be highly relevant and can be added to your account.
  • If you have an online store with large number of product models or product IDs, DSA can save you the time and effort required for bidding on each model/product ID.
  • It can help in significantly reducing the cost of initial setup and everyday account management.

DSA is going to help add to your current Bing Ads campaigns by increasing clicks and impressions. It will also reduce the amount of time required to carry out large-volume tasks, as it will eliminate the need for repetitive copy creation and keyword research.

Steps to Setting up DSA Campaigns

Dynamic Search Ads is added as a new campaign type to Bing Ads. It is easy and highly effective. There are three steps involved in the setup process:

  • When you set the name and budget, you will have to mention the top level domain of the site for which you want the ads to be generated on an automatic basis.
  • Set the parts of your site that you want to be crawled for creating dynamic ads. Bing Ads recommends starting with all webpages to cater to maximum possible queries. Then you can refine it by determining the exclusions.
  • Enter the description of the ad that will be added to the titles, landing pages and paths which are dynamically created or selected.

Thus, DSA is expected to make your campaigns much simpler, faster and more productive in Bing Ads. Do you want to run more effective PPC campaigns? It is recommended to visit for more information and to get help from AdWords and Bing Ads experts.