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Bing Ads Releases Search Trends for Valentine’s Day

By January 14, 2017 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Bing Ads has just revealed through its last year February 14 results how important it is for couples to plan their Valentine’s Day. Although the ad network has shared its Valentine’s DAY CPC and CTR trends and mobile trends, the results are far reaching for both advertisers and consumers. According to the PPC advertising platform, almost 53% of women are likely to end their relationship if they can’t get a Valentine’s Day gift. The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Valentine’s Day 2017 from Bing Ads provides search insights into the top trends in date night and gifts. The report is specially focused on remarketing, local extensions and mobile for capturing your last minute searchers.

Last Year’s Shopping Insights

Bing Ads has released insights based on the shopping behaviour and ad performance from the last year. The report is focused on the US market. It reveals that more than 50% of adults celebrate February 14th. They have been increasingly spending more, especially online. Unmarried men in the age group 25 to 34 have been spending the most. But that doesn’t mean that men are ahead in search.

Bing reports that it is the women who are more active in search. It is surprising that while 17% Valentine’s Day searches were recorded for “boyfriend”, only 4% were recorded for “girlfriend”. 22% queries were focused on “husband” and 16% on “wife”.

Best Time

Bing also revealed that most of the searches for Valentine’s Day were made 2 weeks before February 14 last year. The search volume soared highest due to last-minute online shoppers. Clicks on Bing Ads increased dramatically just a week before the day and was the highest on the day before.

Another finding was that the CPCs wend significantly down in the week before the Valentine’s Day. It increased again from February 11.

Mobile vs. PC/Tablet

Last year, 48% searches for Valentine’s Day were made on mobile and 52% on PC and tablet. The figure for mobile was 40% in 2015. This was surprising for Bing because its mobile presence was not as close to that for Google. This is a crucial point for advertisers to keep in mind when advertising for Valentine’s Day this year.

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