Bing Ads Releases Two New Updates: Potential Conversion Impact & System Quality Policy - The Search Marketing Shop

Bing Ads has received some major updates recently. The most important one is that now you will be able to view potential impact of your conversion with budget suggestions. The advertising platform has also released a new System Quality Policy. It is now using conversion data to inform deeper and better insights.

Estimated Conversion Impact

If you have already implemented Universal Event Tag (UET) in Bing Ads, you are highly likely to see estimated conversion impact when checking the budget suggestions from within your account. Some of the key estimates you will be able to see include:

  • Spend estimates
  • Impression estimates
  • Click estimates
  • Conversion changes estimates with adjustment to campaign budget

This information can be viewed from the Opportunity tab within Bing Ads user interface.

Conversion Landscape

Click on ‘View’ within budget suggestion and you will be able to see ‘conversion landscape’. It allows you to view estimates of conversion based on the budget recommendation you input or on the basis of your available budget.

The platform is also using conversion date from within UET conversion tracking. This data is used for creating suggestions for a wide range of actions including adjustments to:

  • Time/day bids
  • Location
  • Retargeting

According to Bing Ads, it is working on even more new insights, all thanks to the conversion data that is available to it.

New System Quality Policy

Bing Ads has also released a new System Quality Policy that will mostly focus on non-performing ad bloat and keyword. It is expected that this new policy will not have a big impact on your high-performance campaigns. The main features of this new policy are as following:

  • There will be limitation on the number of keywords that you can upload or keep in your account. Bing Ads will notify you of this.
  • If any ad or keyword has not performed for a long time, the new update can remove it.
  • There will be limitation on keywords in some categories which are considered sensitive. This can include adult, gambling, pharmaceuticals, weapons and trademark categories.

According to Bing Ads, the impact of this new policy will not be big. The limitations on the number of keywords that can be uploaded simultaneously will help in boosting review and processing efficiencies.

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