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Bing Announces New UI Updates for Convenience of Advertisers

By June 20, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Bing has been on the heels of Google for some time now. It has continued to update its products to continue offering something of greater value to its users. In its latest update, Bing Ads has released a better User Interface (UI). The new UI makes it simpler to conduct bulk analysis and changes. It will become easier for advertisers to view and adjust location target settings in bulk. The Dimensions tab will now provide deeper insights through reports.

Location Target Settings

Bing Ads has simplified adjustments to location target settings. This also means that bid adjustments have become easier in bulk and for more than one campaign. It has added a new ‘location’ option within settings. This option will display the targets in different campaigns from the same place.

Earlier, location target performance could be seen only by checking the Reports section before running the geographic report. Any changes need to be made at each campaign level. Now, you can make bulk changes using the ‘set bid adjustment’ option from within the Settings page.

Dimensions Tab

The Dimensions reports contain more metrics like:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Geographic
  • Ad spend
  • Ad revenue
  • Time quarter

It is also possible to add filters and make changes to columns displayed within the reports by just using the Dimensions tab. If you run Bing Shopping campaigns, you can also segment this tab reports to display Shopping dimensions like:

  • Product type
  • Category
  • Brand
  • Store ID
  • Item ID

In-Market Audiences

Just last month, Bing Ads rolled out another update – In-Market Audiences. The feature had been in test phase for almost a year. Thus, Bing has been continuously working on releasing new updates. In-market audiences are considered as groups who are looking for a specific product/service category. The program takes several factors into account to create these groups.

This includes user purchase intent signals from Microsoft’s range of products. When the feature was first introduced, it had just around a dozen in-market audiences. Now there are over 170 audiences from different industries such as financial service, travel, retail, and others. Bing also reports that the test participants experienced up to 28% increase in CTR and up to 48% increase in conversion rates against ads without in-market audiences.

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