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Bing Follows Google in Securing its Search Results

By June 25, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Bing Follows Google in Securing its Search Results 1

Google started encrypting its searches almost three years ago. Microsoft will now be doing the same in Bing searches. Until now you were getting the search results on From now on the results will appear on

Following the Google Footsteps

In addition to this step, Bing will also stop passing query data to webmasters. This is another thing which Bing will be taking from Google. Marketers will no longer be able to learn how their searchers are able to find their sites on Microsoft’s search engine too. According to Bing, its main goal is to make searches more secure.

The search engine has however provided a list of sources from where marketers and webmasters can get information about search query data (but only limited). These sources are:

According to the company, it will continue providing referrer strings for searches. This will help webmasters to learn whether a visitor has come from Bing or not. But it will not provide information about the search query terms.

But information about ranking and aggregated keywords will still be available in the advertiser tools. At the same time Microsoft claims to give the highest importance to customer security.

Importance of Bing

Bing may not be a big search engine in Europe, but it has been growing at a gradual pace across the Atlantic. So businesses and marketers cannot ignore the importance of this new development.

Bing has been gaining ground in the United States and it would come as a surprise to many people when they realise that it has a search market share of over 20% in the country. Besides, Apple powers its Siri searches with Bing.

Comparison to other Search Engines

Google started encrypting its search traffic in 2011, but it made it mandatory for websites to embrace https in 2013. Yahoo followed a year later. Today, most security and privacy experts see encryption of each traffic as a big step towards enhancing the safety of the web.

Bing may be a little late in the race, but given that it is already giving yahoo a tough fight in many markets, it is well positioned to gain some good ground.

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