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Bing Launches Auto-Tagging Support for Shopping Campaigns & Image Extensions

By March 15, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Bing has made paid search easier for businesses by adding support for auto-tagging on Shopping Campaigns. They have also added support for their new image extension. With this development, contextual ads is the only element where auto-tagging is not available in Bing’s paid search program. Users who already have auto-tagging enabled in their account will not have to do anything. If not, you can enable it from the account Settings.


The fresh tracking parameters will help you in making the most of your landing page URLs. This will give you deeper insights into the clicks received. Now there is auto-tagging support for both Shopping Campaigns and Image Extensions, which means there’s no longer any need for manually tagging landing page URLs. The new feature will help you reach your targeted customers more effectively and easily.

Auto-tagging helps make it simpler to track paid search campaigns. It informs Bing to append unique UTM tags automatically to landing page URLs. Then reports can be created on the URLs with any analytics tool for tracking how visitors are reaching your site.


Now the search engine automatically appends the landing page URLs along with UTM tags. So if you have your landing page URL to be “” in Bing Ads, enabling auto-tagging will get Bing to automatically append the tags to the URLs, giving you something like: “”

This will give you the following information:

  • The visitor came from Bing – “utm_source=bing”
  • The ad type was cost per click (CPC) – “utm_medium=cpc”
  • The keyword was from your campaign Sales – “utm_campaign=Sales”
  • The keyword was from ad group Clearance – “utm_content=Clearance”
  • The keyword was ‘caps’ which triggered this ad, which was then clicked on – “utm_term=Caps”

Now you will be able to track so much more information with much more ease.

Enabling Auto-Tagging

As already mentioned, if auto-tagging is already enabled, you can start getting reports on the clicks. But you should use this chance to check the URLS and clear all reused or unnecessary UTM tags. It will help in simplifying future reporting. Bing itself has claimed that it will keep improving the way everyone manages their URLs within Bing Ads.

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