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Bing Releases ‘Clarity’ in Beta: Playback User Sessions to Gain Valuable UX Insights

By December 18, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Bing, the second largest search engine, has announced the release of its new analytics tool, Clarity in beta. The tool allows you to view your visitors’ interaction with your website. It is a unique interactive product that allows you to run and view in action user sessions. Behavioural insights can be used for optimising your website and improve conversion and engagement levels. It captures visitor mouse movements, clicks, and touch gestures.

Key Features of Clarity

Using Clarity, you will now be able to make data-based decisions on what needs to be changed on your website to optimise conversion rates. It offers features like scroll and heat-map, amongst others.

  • It can be used on an HTML page and involves the use of small piece of JavaScript to your website.
  • You can access it through your Microsoft Account.
  • Clarity is compatible with the most commonly used domains. Bing is working to increase compatibility with new domains.

Need for Clarity

When it comes to creating a successful website, it is important to have thorough understanding of user behaviour and their needs. Web developers have relied on A/B testing and user research so far to get insights into user experiences. But these methods have always come with certain limitations.

For example, A/B testing helps you understand how changes can affect the metrics, but it cannot provide you the reasons why. This is where Clarity is going to help you. Playback user sessions to see how your website is used. Find out where people find it difficult to get the desired information and places where they experience high engagement levels.

Clarity has been used by Bing itself to find experience problems on the search engine.

  • The team looked for user problems in search experience
  • They identified pages with ads and other content that didn’t meet user experience expectations
  • Bing’s team was able to view exactly what users saw on their website

User experience (UX) has probably become the biggest factor in search ranking algorithm, today. Poor UX can cost you big in terms of traffic, leads, and sale. It can also mean that there is a larger problem with your site that needs to be addressed. You can now watch user session replays in action and gain valuable insights to make informed decisions for improvements.

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