Bing has had been testing its Dynamic Search Ads feature for almost a year. The feature seems to have completed its beta and is beginning to roll out. The advertisers in the US are the first to be able to access it. It can be compared to Dynamic Search Ads by Google, allowing you to create ads units according to the site’s content.

What are Dynamic Search Ads?

Dynamic search ads allow you to create your ads in an easier way. All you will have to do is to create the ad copy and Bing will create the headline automatically. It will also select the right landing page after taking into account the search query and the content on the page.

The search engine spiders will crawl a website’s content and match the searches with the right pages based on its own machine learning algorithm. As an advertiser you can determine whether you want to target:

  • Webpages that meet your parameters
  • Webpages of your choice
  • All webpages

Benefits of Dynamic Search Ads

According to Bing’s team, dynamic search ads will help you in increasing a number of advertising and business parameters, including the following:

  • Impression volume
  • Incremental clicks
  • Search term coverage
  • Conversions

At the same time, it helps save your valuable time and effort on setting up the campaign and daily management.

How to Use Dynamic Search Ads?

Follow these steps to use Bing’s Dynamic Search Ads:

  • Look for the ‘create’ option and click on it
  • Select dynamic search ads
  • Provide all the campaign info
  • Select the pages that need to be targeted
  • Create your ad text
  • Review and setup the campaign settings

You can either implement the feature from within Bing Ads web UI or API. In fact, it is also possible to import it from AdWords.

If you have already been using dynamic search ads in AdWords, you will find the feature’s structure within Bing Ads to be similar. The focus is more on serving ads based on the content on the landing page.

Other Developments at Bing

A lot has been going on at Bing recently. Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft had announced that the search engine has achieved a market share of over 30% in the US. Bing has also been testing a search header similar to Google. The new design will feature a search box with tabs below it, taking the search engine closer to the market leader.

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