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Bing Releases New Features & Improvements: Visual Search Gets a Major Update

By September 19, 2018 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Bing has announced a series of new features, including improvements to existing ones. The most noticeable of these features include the intelligent camera. This camera works as a mathematical problem solver. You will now also be able to use Visual Search using your phone’s camera. There are a number of other new features and improvements including the new educational carousel.

The Intelligent Camera

The new intelligent camera allows you to capture a picture of any text. Bing’s complex algorithm will comprehend the text and provide suggestions as to what you can do with the information. This feature is being called as ‘text transcription’. Some of the things you can do using the camera includes the following:

  • Capture a photo of a phone number and call it.
  • Visit a website by capturing photo of a URL
  • Add email address to contacts list
  • Copy-paste text
  • Capture a physical address and get directions

You can also capture pictures of words you cannot pronounce and seek help on it. Imagine coming across a restaurant menu item that you cannot pronounce. Just capture its photo and search.

Educational Carousal

Microsoft has also added a new educational carousal to Bing. It provides you with information such as Language Translator, Fraction Calculator, and Solar System. In addition, an American Sign Language box has been added, there are 13 phrases and 159 videos related to words supporting this feature.

Mathematical Problem Solver

Now students can use the Visual Search feature to solve complex mathematical problems without the need for feeding in the numbers. All you will have to do is to capture a photo of the equation using the Bing app. Tap on ‘math’ and the algorithm will present a step by step solution to the problem.  This particular feature is currently offered to iOS users.

Faster Search Experience

Bing has simplified its visual search experience. You can now drag and drop images into the image box to run searches. Add images from the desktop or from Bing itself. Use the computer’s camera to capture a picture and run a search. Other options include copy-paste images or adding URL. The visual search box has been updated to accommodate all these different types of inputs.

All these features can perhaps give Bing an edge in search functions, at least in some areas, compared to Google. For more information about the latest search engine updates and online marketing strategies, visit You can also find help from experienced digital marketing professionals to promote your brand.