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Bing Releases New Update for Ads Keyword Planner & Updates its Logo

By January 19, 2016 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

At a time when both Google and Yahoo are busy rolling out new updates to their search algorithms, Bing shouldn’t have a reason to stay behind. The Microsoft-backed search engine has updated its Ads Keyword Planner. It has 4 new features. At the same time, Bing has also made a small change in its logo.

The 4 new features are as following:

  • More viable insights and benchmarks
  • Customisable ad group & keyword bids
  • New keyword suggestions source
  • 24-month time range customisation for keyword search volume

Bing now allows you to enter the landing page URL into Ads Keyword Planner and it will create a list of suggested keywords by evaluating the content on the page.

Now you can get a view back up to 24 months (in place of the earlier 12 months) to check the seasonal keywords and trends which are hottest according to the season.

Compare to Competitor Domains Insights

This feature displays your account’s comparative ad impression share for keywords suggested within the planner and make comparisons with competitor domains. This is going to help webmasters and marketers find opportunities in adding high-volume keywords wherever their impression share is lesser than their competition.

The feature allows you to analyse:

  • Average monthly search volume
  • Suggested bid
  • Competitive benchmarks
  • Impression share

Compare to Market Leader Domains

This feature displays a comparative between your average ad impression share against that of the top 5 market leaders for a group of suggested keywords. Bing now allows you to change bids at keyword and ad group levels for viewing how traffic estimates change according to higher/lower Max Cost Per Clicks. There is a single-click feature that allows you to adjust all bids by same percentage.

These new updates are already live in the United States. It is expected that they will be rolling out worldwide and will be coming to the United Kingdom too.

New Updated Bing Logo

The Bing Ads update is not the only new thing at the search engine. It has also made a slight change to its logo. The new logo has an uppercase ‘B’ and it shed the old yellow colour for a new teal-blue colour. One of the reasons for moving to teal is because it blends better with Windows.

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